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Local Wines


Stumpy Gully Chardonnay

Merricks Thompson Lane Chardonnay

Geppetto Chardonnay

Stumpy Gully Sauvignon Blanc

Geppetto Sauvignon Blanc Semillon

Foxeys Hangout Chardonnay

Elgee Park Chardonnay

Pinocchio Pinot Grigio

T'Gallant Juliet Pinot Grigio

Foxeys Hangout Pinot Gris

Elgee Park Riesling

Geppetto Brut


Pinocchio Rosato

Geppetto Shiraz

Merricks Estate Shiraz

Merricks Thompsons Lane Shiraz

Stumpy Gully Shiraz

Peninsula Panaroma Shiraz

Foxys Hangout Shiraz

Stumpy Gully Merlot

Elgee Park Pinot Noir

Stonier Pinot Noir

Stumpy Gully Pinot Noir

Merricks Thompsons Lane Pinot Noir

Peninsula Panaroma Pinot Noir

Foxeys Hang Out Pinot Noir

T'Gallant Juliet Pinot Noir

Geppetto Pinot Noir

Geppetto Cabernet Merlot

Elgee Park Cabernet Merlot